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Zero at the Bone - first review, and Guardian article about WA crime writing

Writer and journalist Andrew Nette has written an article that looks at Western Australian crime writing, starting with Dave Warner's terrific crime noir City of Light back in 1996, and following through to more recent novels - http://www.theguardian.com/culture/australia-culture-blog/2013/aug/08/crime-writers-find-inspiration-in-wa?INTCMP=SRCH - it's great to be in such good company, and I'lll be posting a blog review shortly of Alan Carter's new novel, Getting Warmer.

Zero at the Bone - first copies

I just recieved my first advance copies of Zero at the Bone. I posted a copy of the cover on FB, and will add it here shortly - but I'm very pleased to have endorsements on the cover from writers of the calibre of Chris Womersley (who's new novel Cairo is also due out shortly, and one that I've really been looking forward to after Bereft and The Low Road), and Michael Robotham and Adrian McKinty.

Chris, Michael and Adrian described the novel as:

Zero at the Bone - publication date

Although Zero at the Bone might not be the final title, the follow-up to Line of Sight now has a publication date of August 21, 2013, coming out with the same publisher - Viking/Penguin. The new work contains many of the same cast of characters, although we've moved forwards a few years to 1979, on the cusp of the cowboy capitalism we in the West associate with the eighties. The background this time to Frank Swann's investigations is the sharemarket scams and the gold business and money-laundering ways and means of the period.

Next Big Thing - Felicity Young, Greig Johnston and Stephen Dedman

Last week I posted links to writers Angela Savage, PM Newton, Julienne van Loon and Sarah Foster as part of the Next Big Thing blog meme. Check out their answers to the questions using the links in the previous post.

This week I want to post the answers from fellow Western Australian writers Felicity Young, whose website can be found at - http://www.felicityyoung.com/ and Stephen Dedman, whose currently writing a crime novel and whose website can be found at - http://www.stephendedman.com/

CRIME FACTORY launch of HARD LABOUR - all Oz Crime anthology - 8 October @ Grumpy's Green in Collingwood

Those fellas at Crime Factory have been busy, after their lauch earlier this year of their The First Shift anthology. It was a fun night and I'm heading over for the launch of their next all-Oz crime shorts anthology (although I'm stretching the definition of short with my own piece) on monday night, 8 Oct. Details of the launch party and anthology can be found here -   http://www.thecrimefactory.com/2012/09/crime-factory-publications-return... and FB - http://www.facebook.com/events/510874548926676/permalink/520343687979762/ 

Update - CrimeScene conference - Perth, 29-30 Sept

A draft of the programme for the 2012 crimeScene conference has just been posted - http://www.crimescene2012.org/

Looks like a good mix of topics for the local and national crime authors and forensic experts to discuss...

Katherine Susannah Pritchard masterclass(es) & Bridgetown Writer's Festival

This coming Saturday (July 21) I'll be giving, along with local writers Amanda Curtin, Richard Rossiter and Rachel Robertson, a prose fiction masterclass looking (in my case) at crime fiction structure and specifically using multiple POV's. I ran something quite similar a couple of years ago at the PWF and it went down well. Details, along with other workshop and events @ KSP as follows:

Line of Sight - New Reprint

Line of Sight in the dead-tree format has been unavailable for the past two months, as it sold out its first print run. Fortunately, with a new print run its newly available, and should be ready for ordering right about now...

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