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It’s the early 1980s: the heady days of excess, dirty secrets and personal favours. Former detective Frank Swann is still in disgrace, working as a low-rent PI. But when he’s offered a security job by the premier’s fixer, it soon becomes clear that someone is bugging the premier’s phone – and it may cost Swann more than his job to find out why.

'Another explosive and compelling novel from David Whish-Wilson' Adrian McKinty

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Praise for David Whish-Wilson’s Zero at the Bone

  • ‘Full of crooked cops, corrupt politicians and rapacious mining companies. . . I really enjoyed Zero at the Bone.’ Michael Robotham
  • ‘Has all the economy, pace, unexpected humour and local colour we’ve come to expect from David Whish-Wilson. Highly recommended.’ Adrian McKinty

Praise for David Whish-Wilson’s Line of Sight

  • “The novel is beautifully crafted. The characterisation is flawless and economical, the plot has a creeping intensity that grows greater and greater as it progresses to the unexpected conclusion." - The West Australian
  • "This is first rate crime noir." - Sun Herald
  • "This is hard-boiled and riveting writing, with a sense of place and urgency...A notable addition to Australia's crime-writing canon." - Crime Factory

David Whish-Wilson lives in Fremantle, WA, where he teaches creative writing at Curtin University.  Perth, part of the New South city series, is forthcoming in December 2013.