Shore Leave

Written by David Whish-Wilson

When an American navy ship docks in Fremantle it brings a wave of trouble. It is Fremantle in 1989 and Frank is at home, suffering from an undiagnosed and debilitating illness. When Frank is called in to investigate an incident at a local brothel, it soon appears there is a link between the death of two women and the arrival of the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the port city.

This hardboiled crime fiction novel is the fourth book in the Frank Swann series. It also features Lee Southern, the main character from True West.

Praise for Shore Leave

‘A gritty and insightful story of greed, family and revenge. Shore Leave once again proves that David Whish-Wilson is a master of hard-boiled crime.’ Emma Viskic

‘Murder and mayhem, Navy and Nazis, bullion and bikers: Whish-Wilson has delivered a shearer’s breakfast of crime, cooked to perfection on the hot bonnet that is Perth 1989.  And cruising through it all the incomparable detective, Frank Swann. Along with sunscreen and sunnies, Shore Leave is a summer essential for the lazy thrillseeker.’ Dave Warner

‘David Whish-Wilson is one of the best purveyors of gritty, credible, hardboiled Australian crime fiction.’ Canberra Weekly

‘Bikers, murder, revenge, navy boys and a hot Western Australian summer all make Shore Leave a great read.’ AU Review

‘A gritty, fast-paced ride through late-80s Perth, complete with bikies, corrupt cops and neo-nazis.’ West Australia

‘Three new Australian novels about crime families, gangs and institutionalised corruption are informative as well as entertaining.’ Australian

Shore Leave is a Crime Novel by David Whish-Wilson, published in 2020