Submitted by David Whish-Wilson on Mon, 14/02/2011 – 16:11

I’ll be appearing at the following sessions/workshop at the Perth Writers Festival in a few weeks time, at the University of Western Australia:

Workshop: David Whish-Wilson – Crime writing

Every which way but up: multiple voices and crime story structure. With reference to television series such as The Wire, The Killing and Oz, and from fiction as varied as Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent to the novels of George Pelecanos, this workshop will focus on making crime fiction from the points-of-view of multiple characters.

When Saturday 5 March 10-1pm Where: Arts Lecture Room 5

All in a Day’s Work

From researching Durban slums to trawling Perth’s seedy underworld to delving into the psyches of Australia’s most fearsome criminals, writing crime fiction is never dull. Malla Nunn, David Whish-Wilson and Leah Giarratano discuss the stories behind their new novels.  Chair: Ara Jansen – Banquet Hall,  Sat March 5, 3.30-4.30

Behind the Police Tape

Journalist Colleen Egan and novelist David Whish-Wilson have spent years researching, investigating and writing about two of Perth’s most high profile crimes. They talk with Terri-ann White about the stories behind their books and the different ways they have told them, from true story to fiction. Chair: Terri-ann White – Mon, March 7, 2-3pm Dolphin Theatre

Following that I’ll be talking about Line of Sight at the following venues: 

Subiaco Library on Monday 11 April, from 6pm – wine and canapes, then a reading, discussion, questions, then hopefully some more wine

Joondalup Library (Dymocks Event) Tuesday 3 May, from 6.30pm – wine and canapes, ditto

Literary Lounge at Beaufort Street Books, Wed April 6 in Mount Lawley, from 6.15pm (interview with Terri-Ann White, after some wine tasting…)