Submitted by David Whish-Wilson on Fri, 28/11/2014 – 14:59

It hasn’t been the best year for blogging, due in part to four writer’s festivals, judging three writing competitions,working on  four commissioned stories and articles (and the inscription for a war memorial), reading some dozen manuscripts from friends and some more formal mentoring, reviewing books for the ABR, twenty-odd speaking engagements about the place and most importantly, working on my new crime novel, ‘Old Scores’. My most recent publication is a longish short story called ‘The Cook’, published in the latest edition of Westerly. It’s a 60th anniversary edition, and features writers like Robert Drewe, Susan Midalia, John Mateer, Meg McKinlay, John Kinsella and too many others to mention. Here’s the link to the Westerly website, where they’re using ‘The Cook’ as a taster –