David Whish-Wilson lives in Fremantle, Western Australia, where he teaches creative writing at Curtin University. He is the author of short stories and the novels The Summons, published in 2006 and Line of Sight, published in 2010. David's new novel Zero at the Bone is now available. Read more...

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“He put the barrel into his right eye until the spasms of red covered the filaments of dark, and he said it one last time, ‘Sorry old mate,’ and then it was done…”

Ex-detective Frank Swann is now on the outside of the police force – the only way to get justice done in Perth. It’s 1979 and the mining boom is just beginning in Western Australia. The city is a place of celebration - there are street parties, official glad-handing and even a royal visit to commemorate one and a half centuries since colonisation. But behind the festivities a new kind of land grab is going on, this time for mining leases. The price of gold is up and very few seem to be incorruptible before its lure.

When Swann is hired to probe the suicide of a respected geologist, he's drawn into a mire of vice and fraud that has at its heart a lust for wealth that verges on a disease . . .

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